Обложка альбома NineKeyes originally recorded under the moniker 9MM (or Nine Double M) before changing his name to simply Nine. He stated, "I didn't want to be just be named after the gun (9mm)." His stage name refers to his date of birth (9/19/1969), his shoe size, and his lucky number. Nas recently referred to 9 Double M on the track "Where are They Now?" from his album Hip Hop Is Dead. He is also referred to on the track "Twinz (Deep Cover ’98)" from Big Pun's debut album Capital Punishment, where Fat Joe says "Boogie Down major like Nine" referring to Nine's and his hometown, the Bronx. Portions of Nine's "Whutcha Want?" were recently featured in advertisements by US automobile manufacturer Jeep. The ads used the song "Steady Bounce" by KRS-One from his album Strickly For Da Breakdancers & Emceez, which used a sample which from Nine’s "Whutcha Want?" According to an interview conducted with, Jeep never sought permission to use the sample and Nine is pursuing legal action. Nine also has a son that is 15 years of age named James Keyes. He is pursuing rapping and in his rapping career goes by the name of Mr. Keyes. Nine also acted in an episode of New York Undercover (1997) .
  • Трек: Hurt
  • Исполнитель (артист): Nine Inch Nails
  • Длительность 6:13
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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Видео клип "Nine Inch Nails - Hurt"

  • 3:12
    Panic! At The DiscoNine In The Afternoon
  • 3:45
    Bryan AdamsCloud Number Nine
  • 4:08
    Nine Inch NailsMeet Your Master
  • 3:31
    Nine Inch NailsThe Hand That Feeds
  • 4:52
    Nine Inch NailsMe, I'm Not
  • 4:36
    Limp Bizkit9 Teen 90 Nine
  • 4:53
    Nine Inch NailsDead Souls
  • 2:51
    Nine LashesThe Void
  • 4:23
    Nine Inch NailsOnly
  • 5:03
    Nine Inch NailsEvery Day Is Exactly The Same
  • 3:18
    Katie MeluaNine Million Bicycles
  • 2:47
    Nine Inch NailsThe Beginning Of The End
  • 3:38
    Ice Nine KillsThe Nature Of The Beast
  • 3:38
    Nine Inch NailsThe Warning
  • 3:23
    Nine Inch NailsThe Good Soldier
  • 5:07
    Nine Inch NailsRight Where It Belongs
  • 4:30
    Ice Nine KillsCommunion Of The Cursed
  • 4:51
    Nine Inch NailsVessel
  • 4:59
    Nine Inch NailsHurt
  • 4:32
    MORTENBeautiful Heartbeat (feat. Frida Sundemo) [Nine Lives Remix]
  • 4:23
    Nine Inch NailsSurvivalism
  • 2:27
    Nine Inch NailsCloser
  • 3:30
    Ice Nine KillsWhat Lies Beneath
  • 7:16
    Nine Inch NailsWe're In This Together
  • 6:14
    Nine Inch NailsZero Sum
  • 4:30
    Nine Inch NailsMr. Self Destruct
  • 4:24
    Nine Inch NailsPiggy
  • 3:51
    Nine Inch NailsLove Is Not Enough
  • 3:41
    Nine Inch NailsYou Know What You Are?
  • 3:37
    Nine Inch NailsWish
  • 3:49
    Nine Inch NailsCapital G
  • 2:58
    Nine Inch NailsMarch Of The Pigs
  • 3:17
    Nine Inch NailsThe Great Destroyer
  • 3:22
    Nine Inch NailsA Warm Place
  • 4:04
    ICE NINE KILLSMe, Myself & Hyde
  • 5:24
    Psyclon NineWe the Fallen
  • 3:07
    Ice Nine KillsThe Fastest Way To A Girl's Heart Is Through Her Ribcage
  • 4:50
    Nine Inch NailsThe Greater Good
  • 4:13
    Nine Inch NailsMy Violent Heart
  • 5:22
    Nine Inch NailsCopy Of A
  • 3:31
    Nine Inch NailsIn This Twilight
  • 4:08
    Ice Nine KillsHell In The Hallways
  • 4:50
    Psyclon NineSuicide Note Lullaby
  • 7:06
    Bad Company UKThe Nine (Remastered)
  • 2:54
    Jesse FullerNinety Nine Years and One Dark Day
  • 3:50
    Nine Inch NailsGod Given
  • 5:09
    Nine Inch NailsHead Like A Hole
  • 3:46
    Ice Nine KillsMy Life In Two